Our team

When a team member walks into the office, their hearts should enter with them. It is important to feel positive about what drives us to do our best at work. We believe work can have a positive impact, effect personal and professional growth, and improve relationships.

Our Values


A positive mindset is important for us. Be happy and keep a healthy environment.

#help & develop

We love to help others and develop them by continuous coaching, feedback sessions and communication. We give more and expect less. We are seeing an impact in what we are doing.


We will give you maximum freedom in terms of development, coming up with ideas, developing on a personal level or working from a distance. Where one’s freedom starts, the other ends. We respect that. 


We trust, we are not micromanaging. We know you will do your best at work. With trust comes loyalty.


They are tons of problems daily and everywhere. We will solve them, no matter what. With confidence.


Learning new things gives us a feeling of accomplishment, which in turn boosts our confidence in our own capabilities. Learning opens your mind and changes your attitude by building on what you already know.

Kristin Wasilewski
Founder & CEO

HR Consultant

core value #growth

Nicole Nickel
Talent Sourcer

core value #help & develop

Emenike Ezike
Head of Tech Consultant & Co-Founder

core value #freedom

Ankita Paneri
HR Consultant

core value #ownership

Jana Osipov
HR Consultant

core value #embrace