How do startups hire?


Series A funding is difficult, but the talent crunch is savage.

Are you looking to join a startup? Let me give you a glimpse into what goes behind the curtains.

When the word #startup comes up, the first thing that comes in mind is a fast-paced culture, the crazy maverick process, organizing things from bits & pieces. But all this hustle, comes with plethora of freedom, you are being your own master at times and endless exposure.

Startups are for people who thrive for challenges, are a risk taker, love what they do and enjoy working in a close family setup. They look for people who have a very strong fitment to the company’s culture and values & who can perform a task outside their comfort zone. They might not take the gap in your CV very seriously but will extra zoom in to your attitude. The focus is on qualities not competencies. Hire for their attitude and train for skills.

23% startup mentioned team issues leading to failure.

Getting from 5 to 50

Hiring is a different ball game for early stage startups. Just after funding, the startups eagerly want to multiply. With low on hiring budgets, less famous to the outside worlds, it gets a little tricky trying to get the best of the people in this war of talent. The time to hire is relatively quick as the decision making is brisk and they hire when they need someone now.

While hiring for startups, I personally focus on internal referrals, posting on niche boards, reaching to the network, and using the budget friendly sourcing tools. If the employees love their workplace, they will tell their friends.

Growing businesses have different challenges and opportunities from a large corporation. We live in what is called the age of transparency, where startups highlight the hurdles a candidate will face in that role. The best employee will welcome those challenges and look forward to finding the solutions. Startups do celebrate small achievements, boast their team members on social media and proudly bold out even small benefits on the job descriptions.

“You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world…but it requires people to make the dream a reality” – Walt Disney

Author: Ankita Paneri


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