Job search for a global citizen


Digitalization and globalization provide recent graduates of international studies with a vast amount of opportunities and choices on the job market. As you might have experienced before, with too much choice comes fatigue and confusion, which of course is a luxury problem. The location is undefined if there is Wi-Fi access.

The desire to have it all, at the same time is the goal.

Building a legendary life that is beyond average. A reputable career that provides a decent salary and makes our families proud, the desire to contribute to a bigger purpose for the good of society and the world as well as a great work—life balance, where we have the freedom to do exactly what we want at whatever time.  It sounds like too much to ask. Dream big is the motto, and we must start somewhere if want to achieve progress in the relationship we have to our job.

The average person will spend approximately 90.000 hours at work over a lifetime (Gettysbug, 2020) and about 85% of the world´s full-time workers hate their job (staffsquared, 2020). As the population becomes increasingly conscious more and more people realize that they do not want to waste their precious lifetime.

Finding our dream career

So how can we, as global citizens find our dream career? There is no such thing as a perfect structure that fits every single individual, simply because none of us are the same. Many youngsters of today´s age have travelled all over the globe, conducted numerous internships in different countries, speak a number of languages and are familiar with different work models, but still do not know what the best job is for them.

Personally, I spent weeks and weeks of thinking about what I want to do with my career. My thought on this is that overthinking is the biggest time killer. The advice I try to life by more now is to just try new things and embrace the uncertainty. You will never know how it fits you if you haven’t tried it. Let it be through internships, networking with people that are already in the position or even starting a job that you are not entirely sure about. My second advice it to be honest to yourself. There is no benefit in forcing yourself into a career that simply does not fulfill you.


Ask yourself the three questions:

1. What do you enjoy?

2. What are you good at? and

3. Is there demand? And then simply go for it.

Write the 1000 job applications, do the 200 interviews – because nobody else is going to do it for you. The more you apply, the more you will realize what you actually like and what company culture fits you the best. My third advise in terms of location is to watch out for four different factors: 1. the average salary, 2. average working hours 3. Infrastructure and safety and last but not least the 4. The Expat community.

Changes are okay, going a different path than your peers is okay, being overwhelmed is okay. After all the job search is a journey, and I am sure that it will lead you to your personal dream destination if you stay curious, driven with an opportunistic outlook on life.

But what about the other side of the coin?

What makes an organization an attractive employer for a global citizen?

There is no single blueprint for all individuals, but a couple of variables to go by. Here are three examples:

1.      Reputation. Dear employer, please be aware that your reputation is key and there is no way to hide it. Through the WWW we get to access all sorts of platforms that discuss how you treat your workers, how competitive your salary is etc. So, make sure to actively respond to negative feedback on career websites, diversify your social media presence and be sure to spread a positive word of mouth, because after all, we trust our friends and family the most.

2.      Flexible working arrangements: As global citizens are committed to various goals (personal and professional), we appreciate it to have a certain flexibility. Yes it requires better organizational skills and a change of mindset. But try to provide as much freedom as possible in regard to working hours and days-off, and see how the creativity and productivity of your team will flourish. Even the global leader in digital streaming services “Netflix” has recognized this, and established the “No Rules Rules” philosophy.

3.      Opportunities for further development: You become a global citizen because you have an immense inner curiosity, you constantly search for new challenges and cannot stand to be still, as you set high expectations for yourself. Thus, it is very important to be transparent about the potential career prospects and provide a supportive system for learning and development.

If you want to attract the best young talent, you must satisfy their needs and expectations. So, think about a way to adapt your current company culture, be open to feedback and be aware that global citizens are looking for more than just a job, they are looking for something that feels worthwhile to work for.




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