Talent Acquisition

There are certain times, when you have no other option but to look for outsourcing extra manpower for your work. It is hard to work on every detailed project of your company single handedly. You have limited time and limited resources to cover up massive work. Therefore, it is during such instances, when you have to work on the best manpower recruitment services.


When you need expertise in the field of digital human resources, digital recruiting Strategies and HR tech tools that you may not have in your team, we are there to support. We have access to broad networks of resources and HR & recruiting expertise. We will improve diversity and reduce internal bias through our external perspective. Are you ready for digital recruitment? In our trainings and coaching sessions, we teach you everything you need to know – techniques wise and personal wise for a sustainable talent acquisition strategy.

24/7 Service

remote or onsite

access to our Engineer and Developer Network

no termination periods

fix hourly price (success component)

individualized Dashboards with 5-8 Key Performance Indicators

access to templates and contracts

network out of 10,000 contacts in the digital scene

Services for Startups / SME

  • Lead Generation and Active Sourcing (mainly remote)

We are filling up your pipeline, by identifying potential passive and active candidates for you. We use our networks and multipliers. We create keyword lists, whitelists, and a search and target mode that we have well tested.

  • Interim Recruiting & Task Force (midlevel - c-level, onsite or remote)

We manage your recruiting team, manage your funnel and be actively involved in reaching out to candidates through active sourcing. We create interview plans with the stakeholders – checking technical, personal and cultural fit. We are using our Dashboard and KPI to keep track of our work performance. We have invented a value-based assessment to recruit talents and leaders that have the greatest impact on your business.

We can provide you a task force of up to 5 full time Senior Recruiters to accelerate growth.

HR Interim Management for Startups / SME

Our short-term assignment of a proven interim (executive) manager is to manage a short or long period of transition, crisis or change within your organization.

We also advise on the following hot topics:

  • Labor market communication & employer branding.
  • Employee experience
  • Hr tech tools, data and people analytics
  • Retention management
  • Referral strategy
  • Employee engagement & performance
  • Candidate experience
  • New-work concepts
  • HR Services – Visa and Administration (mainly remote)

We offer HR full-Services as an outsourced option, including preparation of payroll, perk management, contract management and labour law. We offer advice on visa and relocation services and partner with other companies.

Our service for large corporation

  • Active sourcing

With our optimized and qualitative search process and our many years of experience in the startup and digital scene, we recruit experts / specialists and executives with entrepreneurial mindset. 

  • Management Consulting

We begin with a personal conversation to examine the situation and challenges in transforming your department into a digital unit. We will understand your challenges, your cultural DNA and values and create an audit paper to understand the dependencies and bottlenecks.  We will help and implement a sustainable digital recruiting strategy and help to have a great impact on your workers and business. We connect you within our network.

  • Consultant HR Tech / Software

We help you implement new HR tech tools and coach your employees. We are offering manpower to administer the tools and make sure, your team will be trained.

  • Training & Coaching

iBeat helps organizations support their employees through building skills and capabilities to effectively assess talent during interviews for example. Our distinctive approach aligns to your organizational values, addresses critical issues like inclusion and diversity, and helps your team provide helpful, calibrated input to hiring talents while delivering an outstanding candidate experience.